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Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. First impression lasts longer. Our mission at Younique is to make you, and especially YOU stand out from among the crowd. We aim at uplifting, building, empowering and validating women self-esteem. Developing the inner and outer beauty of the female gender is our utmost priority. We fulfill these goals while providing spiritual enlightenment as well as well as opportunities for individual growth. You can also benefit from the financial reward that comes with partaking in our laudable programs.

Love It. Share It. Live It.

Younique is a unique family of likeminded people. Here, everyone is part of one big family. The program is designed to bring the best out of every presenter. When a presenter joins us, she is equipped to be the best she can be. You can start selling our products from the very first day because every presenter is given adequate information to get started immediately. Our e-commerce store is not only attractive; it is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. As a Younique presenter, you have access to Virtual Party System™, Back Office as well training tutorials that will set you on the path of success. With these tools in Younique database, you cannot afford to fail for whatever reason.

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Staying Connected

What’s more? You would be delighted to know we are a pioneer in this field. We are the premier direct sales company to sell, and market through the social media network. We can safely say we are the pace setter when it comes to Younique Virtual Parties which is a wonderful bridge between orthodox home party business model and social media model.

Younique Virtual Parties offers you a wide array of opportunities that you cannot afford in the traditional home party. There is no limit to your reach or number of people you can invite. Hence, the traditional home party becomes useless unless it is your preference. With Younique Virtual Parties, you can break barrier and limitations.

I can see you are getting excited about what you must be missing for not being part of the contemporary move yet. I would like you to read to the end to be conversant with the opportunities that abound and what you tend to gain for being part of this awesome family.

In addition to the above, we provide highly interactive and innovative tools to make your experience a worthwhile one. Access to these brilliant tools makes it possible for you to tap into connections and resources you already have. It would be amazing for you to discover that hosting Younique Virtual Party is as simple as sharing a link. What could be easier and awesome than that?

Nature. Love. Science.

We employ the latest scientific research in the process and development of Younique Cosmetics. Hence, high quality of our products is not a probability; it is a guarantee. The cosmetics are designed to enrich and nourish the skin. The efficiency of the cosmetic product is superb and works on almost every kind of skin. It is unlike other quack products out there that were designed only to make profits. Clients’ satisfaction is our priority. Hence, quality and standard products with us are not negotiable.

The inspiration behind our cosmetics is drawn from nature. Our expert team formulates a cosmetic product that honors that inspiration with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to provide healthy, clean, and pure cosmetics that will beat all odds. We achieved that feat, the record that is yet to be surpassed by any other similar cosmetic product.

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Younique Products Compensation

Simpler Compensation

Younique’s compensation plan was designed with one goal in mind – your ultimate and enviable success! In this industry, ours is the most generous, and easy to understand compensation program you can ever find. The program takes off from the scratch. Consequently, all confusions, intimidation and unnecessarily buried sub-programs have been totally eliminated and streamlined from the outset. The outcome of the system is a completely transparent program that offers easy to follow compensation plan. You can choose to earn the way you want. In fact, the program puts you in charge. We know you need to have unwavering faith in a product you sell and represent before you can become a raving success in marketing the idea.

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Younique Opportunity

You can be part of something big! Have you ever dreamed of owning your business and have never known how to go about it? Do you want to work from home while you do what you love without having to break the bank?

Younique presents you with the opportunity to set your working hours, and pursue your income, and there is no better time to do it than now. Join Younique wonderful family today and get the unique chance to your passion for makeup and cosmetics with others who are likeminded.

You are just one step away from being part of Younique family! So, Signing up is as easy as completing the simple online application, and your New Presenters Kit would be on its way. What do you stand to gain by becoming a Younique Presenter? You would be entitled to Instant Royalties (commissions), and would have access to one big family of people, who fancy cosmetics like you. Most importantly, you don’t need to subject yourself to any rigorous process because everything can be done online with the click of the mouse.

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Founded on Family Values

The founder of Younique is Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, who are an integrated team of a brother and sister. Younique first came to the limelight, in September 2012, as their brainchild. Younique core mission is uplifting, empowerment, and validation of women across the globe. The duo of Derek and Melanie strongly believe that all women should be able to stand out and be outstanding. Hence, they empower women to develop self-esteem, be smart, and empowered through opportunities of personal growth and financial reward! You cannot afford to be left out. Join the bandwagon today to be part of this great move in our generation.